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Turkish Flag and Other Country Flags

Characteristics of Turkish flag:

  • The length of flag is one and a half size of width
  • The center of the circles that sketched to form the hale and star are lined on the same axis.
  • Hale formed as the inner and outer circles crosses each other. Hale's outer circle's caliber is equals to half of the flag width. Center of the flag is at the same distance from the inner bank of hanger side to the half of the flag's width.
  • The caliber of the inner circle of the hale is four-tenth of the flag's width. The center of the flag is 0.0625 times far from the outer hale circle to the waving side of flag.
  • The open side of hale forwards to the waving side of flag.
  • Caliber of the star is formed as one each skipped from the dividing points of a circle that assumed equals to the one fourth of flag's width and divided in to five equal pieces. One corner of the star is at the point of crossing lines those assumed goes by from axis of the flag and two corners of hale. The distance of this point to the axis of inner circle's crossing point is equals one-third of the flag's width.
  • The width of the hanger is one-thirtieth of flag's width.

Flag sizes:
20x30 cm, 30x45 cm, 40x60 cm, 50x75 cm, 60x90 cm, 70x105 cm, 80x120 cm, 100x150 cm, 120x180 cm, 150x225 cm, 200x300 cm, 300x450 cm, 400x600 cm, 600x900 cm, 600x900 cm, 800x1200 cm, 1000x1500 cm,

Square flags:
50x200 cm, 75x300 cm, 100x400 cm, 150x600 cm,

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